ROKiT Fuel Your Christmas

Enjoy a few days off from Monday reports, category data and margins with a case of ROKiT Fuel.

Great on its own or as a mixer!

Annette, Nick & the ROKiT Fuel team

In need of festive cocktail inspiration...

Pornstar Martini

In a chilled glass, add vodka and Passoa liqueur to freshly squeezed lime juice and add vanilla essence.

Top up with delicious ROKiT Fuel and decorate with a passion fruit slice.

Kir Passion Royale

Quite simply, pour chilled ROKiT Fuel into your glass and pour in a generous measure of Creme de Cassis or Chambard.

Decorate with an orange or passion fruit slice.


Lightly 'muddle' the mint in a long glass, add rum, lime juice, sugar syrup and crushed ice.

Then top up with refreshing ROKiT Fuel... Delicious!

Mai Tai

Mix white rum, Cointreau, crushed ice, ROKiT Fuel with a dash of almond syrup.

Pour into glass, float dark rum on top and garnish with a mint sprig and a slice of lime.